Puppies born 13 January 2019

We have male and female puppies available from this litter


Von Praxx Dangerzone (Rogue)

Rogues pedigree is also world class. Her father is the two time World IPO champion Mecberger Chortoryiski (Helge) and her mother, Ruutipussi Koopra was imported to Australia from Finland. Koopra’s father, Mecberger Dunnari also competed successfully on the world stage. Rogue has siblings working in challenging roles for Australian government agencies and high level IPO Competition across Australia and New Zealand. Rogue herself is a fast, agile and confident girl with high drives and excellent working qualities. Away from the working arena she is an amazing family dog. She is calm, affectionate, and great with children. An absolute pleasure to own.

Echo 1.jpg

Nordenstamm Echo: Police S.E.R.T. Dog

Echo is an exceptional dog. The Police Special Emergency Response Team provides tactical response to high risk incidents including counter terrorism activities, siege, hostage and armed offender incidents, high risk premises searches, high risk escorts etc. The physical and mental standards required of a dog to train for and deploy to this type of work is obviously very high. Echo’s exceptional working ability is complimented by his relaxed and social disposition whilst off duty. We feel extremely privileged to have been given the opportunity to utilise Echo in our program.